The Ruqya Handbook (Paperback)


The Ruqya Handbook is the perfect companion for those suffering from spiritual afflictions or those looking to learn and help friends or family. It is the result of years of learning and many months of editing and revising. We hope that you find the book beneficial in’shaAllah.

The Ruqya Handbook features 150 pages consisting of the following topics:

1. Tawheed
2. Importance of Prayer
3. What is Ruqya?
4. Benefits & Virtues of Ruqya
6. The Use of Ruqya
7. Seeking Treatment in Islam
8. The Conditions of Ruqya
9. Evidence of the Permissibility of Ruqya
10. Ruqya for the Protection of Children
11. Preparing the Home
12. Ruqya Treatment for Black Magic
13. Treatment for Evil Eye
14. Treatment for Jinn Aashiq
15. How to Use Ruqya Audios
16 How to Use Supplements
17. Self-Ruqya Log
18. Ruqya Verses (Arabic with Translation and Transliteration)

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